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About Us

Community has been a core value of IPM since its foundation. In 1964, four local churches joined together to help families living in impoverished conditions along the Little Miami River near Newtown, Ohio. The group realized that they could help more people by working together, so they formed a non-profit organization called Inter Parish Ministry (IPM) with the goal of helping neighbors during difficult times.


IPM decided to get involved by focusing on the issue of food insecurity. In order to expand food access to their community members, IPM opened a food pantry in Newtown, providing access to food for local families in need.


As decades moved forward, IPM continued to expand its reach and its ability to impact the Cincinnati community. With increased donor generosity and volunteer commitments, IPM expanded into more than 30 zip codes that spanned four counties. Through decades of collaboration, IPM cultivated trusting relationships with families in need who came to the food pantry looking for help. Families found the food pantry to be a welcoming environment, a place that made them feel dignified and respected during one of the most difficult times in their lives.


In 2020, the pandemic created an increasing need for food access. Since families could not come to the food pantry to access food, IPM decided to bring food access to families. IPM started mobile food pantries that brought food access directly into communities in need, which drastically increased the amount of people IPM was able to help. They reorganized their physical space, creating a drive-through food pantry that made food access efficient and anonymous. IPM partnered with community agencies, police departments, mental health services, and affordable living programs to enhance food insecurities for unsheltered members of the Cincinnati community.


With a focus on removing barriers to food access, IPM continues to serve more and more community members. In 2022, IPM provided nearly 40 mobile food pantries, and nearly 70% of the clients served never come to our pantries between Mobiles, Pop-Ups and the Food Resource Hub. Partnering with more than 50 community organizations, IPM provides over one million pounds of food each year to families in need.


While IPM increases their impact, they recognize that access to food remains a major need. IPM depends on their neighbors to rally around this need, a need that has the capacity to bring everyone together for a common purpose: to build a thriving, food secure community.

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Our Mission

Feeding families in need and connecting neighbors to life-enhancing resources.

Our Vision

To create a thriving food-secure community.

Our Values

Connect: build trusting relationships within our community.

Respect: welcoming everyone with dignity and kindness.

Respond: meeting the needs of those we serve.

Innovate: leading change to increase food security.

Education: encourage by teaching the benefits of healthier food choices.

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